Help put a fresh voice and perspective on the board of the TCPUD.

The way to keep a community vibrant is to have community members step up to help lead and to share the work to keep Tahoe moving forward. That’s why I have stepped up. Since moving to Tahoe in 2008, I have purchased a home, we have started two businesses and purchased an investment building where we now have a long term local tenant who was being kicked out of her living situation due to a property sale. This is my forever home. I never thought I would come full circle to living in a small community as like a lot of people I headed for bright lights- big city after college. I absolutely love the small town dynamic here. I don’t even lock my doors unless the pups are left at home of course. We know all of our neighbors and we look out for each other. I am self funding most of this as I know that financially times are hard for a lot of people. I believe in myself and what I can bring to this board so I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Any donation – big or small – is welcome! 


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Friends of Grey for Placer County TCPUD


Friends of Grey for Placer County TCPUD

P.O. Box 446
Tahoe City, CA  96145