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    “Morgahn Grey is eminently qualified for this position on the TCPUD Board.  She is a very savvy business woman with a long local background in Tahoe. Our area couldn’t be better represented by Morgahn.”
    Jeff Hurst

    “Morgahn inspires me with her dedication to the Tahoe Area and Tahoe City in particular. She is passionate about the area and people who live there, and would work hard to serve the needs of the community. She has so many talents, professionally and personally. As a real estate broker she has shown integrity and over the top service to her clients, always keeping their best interests in mind. Personally she is engaging and fun, her endless energy an asset to anything she tackles!
    Alyssa D Chulak

    “She’s the best person for the job. She gets it done. Morgahn has awesome character and incredible integrity.”
    Brian McReynolds

    Ted Acres
    Nancy Collin
    Raymond DeVre
    Debbie Dutton
    Chuck Dunn
    Anita Hagins
    Meg Heim

    Alex Leff
    Kelly Lutrell
    Todd Mather
    Brett Spadi
    Greg States
    Susan Steen

    “She will do such an amazing job working for and fighting for the community. Her high moral standards and work ethic are off the charts. She is knowledgeable and passionate about Tahoe and the needs of owners there.” -Shari Chulak

    “Morgahn Grey is a long-time Tahoe local that has contributed to and worked in the Tahoe area for many, many years. She has the knowledge and passion required to protect the interest of all in the basin. She is a dear friend of mine and has always had my back and would also have the backs of the community.”
    Brittany Rupp

    “I have known Morgahn for many years and she is very dear to me. Her honesty, integrity, work ethic and energetic approach to all she takes on is impressive. She will surely serve her community well, always keeping the best interests of Tahoe City residents the priority. I wholeheartedly endorse her and know she will be a tremendous asset to the PUD
    James Filippo

    “Morgahn Grey is a great candidate! She has the qualities, skills and demeanor to represent and serve the Tahoe City PUD. She has the abilities to tackle and solve challenges in a very thoughtful way, while making sure that the voices of the residents are always heard. I fully endorse her candidacy in the upcoming election.”
    James Mueller

    Updated 10.10.2022