The Tahoe City Public Utility District will need to play a very large roll in making Tahoe safer by upgrading water delivery systems throughout the community. All Tahoe neighborhoods are in this together and a safer, more reliable water delivery system in one neighborhood benefits us all. The upgrades will include many new hydrants and minimize the loss of water from old faulty areas in the system. This will be so critical for the safety of Tahoe during fire seasons which we expect to stay at a very dangerous level for the foreseeable future.  Community outreach about these safety issues will help community understanding of capital outlays in the future.    


I think that there isn’t a high level of understanding of everything the Tahoe City Public Utility District does for their clients and their community. I’d love the opportunity to help with that community outreach to also enhance community participation. In addition to watching the recorded meetings, I have also printed out the minutes of every board meeting and also the committee meetings for this past year so I am up to speed on what has taken place. There is very little community comment and I think the board could be helped in guiding our community forward if we had a bit more input. We are in a unique situation in that so many of our community are second home owners who do not participate in voting for community representatives and I really want to reach out to them too. The TCPUD benefits from their property tax dollars substantially and I want to help be their representative also.


There are a lot of large financial decisions coming up, specifically with the replacement of the Tahoe Cedars/Madden Creek Systems. As a broker I am used to looking at complicated documents and paying extreme attention to detail. I also am used to having to budget since real estate is up and down for when you will close a deal. I am pretty conservative in my approach to finances and want to have a voice in the decisions for these large expenditures while still making sure these upgrades take place!


The Lake Forest Boat Ramp – especially on low water years – has resulted in parking issues throughout the surrounding neighborhood. One way we can help resolve this is to work with the small boat rental businesses.


Two exciting projects in our region include the community pool | recreation center as well as the Scotty Lapp Memorial Skatepark. Both amenities would really enhance our community for many years to come. I will support and help make these happen in any way I can.

Photo Credit: Ming Poon via Scotty Lapp Memorial Skatepark